Advanced statistical methods for risk analysis, including:

  • Spatial statistics
  • Time series analysis
  • Extreme value modelling

with applications to the environment and public health.

Preprints/upcoming work

Nguyen, M., Loos, S., Lallemant, D. (2022), ‘Modelling spatial correlation in earthquake-induced damage and its impact on regional loss estimation’. Presented at ICOSSAR 2021-2022, 13th International Conference on Structural Safety & Reliability.

Nguyen, M., Veraart, A.E.D., Taisne, B., Tan, C.T., Lallemant, D. (2022), ‘A dynamic extreme value model with applications to volcanic eruption forecasting’. Under review. Preprint available at arXiv.

*Rabonza, M., Nguyen, M., Lallemant, D., Biasse, S., Jenkins, S. (2022), ‘Inversion and forward estimation with process-based models: an investigation into cost functions, uncertainty-based weights and model-data fusion’. Under review. Preprint available at SSRN.

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Wagenaar, D., Nguyen, M., Lim, T. N., Balbi, M., Lallemant, D. (2022). ‘Uncertainty in disaster loss modelling due to exposure resolution. Part 2: Application’. In preparation.

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*Led by student or junior researcher.


Nguyen, M., Fundamental classes of ambit fields in space and space-time: theory, simulation and statistical inference, PhD thesis, Imperial College London, United Kingdom

Nguyen, M. and Veraart, A.E.D. (2017c), ‘A note on confidence intervals for parameter estimates of a spatio-temporal Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process’. Report available on arXiv:1612.05462.

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